Things I bought brand new (that I don’t regret buying)

Only about 20 % of the things in my apartment I bought new, and in my opinion that’s actually a pretty good balance.

Do I wish nothing was new?

Of course I do. That would be nothing short of excellent but that’s not always possible because you want things to fit in with your overall style while at the same time be practical. And that exact piece or item you’re looking for might not always be so easy to find second hand.

In those cases, I think it’s better to invest in something new but then it has to be something you’ll use and cherish for a long time to come.

***This post is not sponsored. I’m just telling you what I have and what works for me.***

8 items I’ve bought in the past year without regrets


If you live in the type of climate where winters are cold and wet, you might know what I’m talking about when I say “dry air”.

When cold air warms up, it dries, and that’s why the indoor climate in Sweden is notorious for being dry.

Now, that’s where humidifiers come in.

A good level of humidity seems to be between 40-60 %. In our small apartment, we’ll have well below 40 % normally.

A humidity-level below 40 % could potentially also contribute to some illnesses, like influenza and allergies.

And there are even some newer sources that say that Covid-19 could spread more readily in indoor environments with a humidity lower than 40 %. But don’t run out and buy one just because of that and think you’re safe! Social distancing, wearing masks and avoiding public gatherings are best in order to stay safe.

What is more, low humidity can lead to issues like itchy, dry skin, dry mucus membranes in nose and eyes and a flaky scalp. Excuse me if this is all a little TMI but the truth has to be told.

Not only my boyfriend and I suffer from these things but also our cat and our plants. So, we invested in one small humidifier for the bedroom and one large for the living room and couldn’t be happier.

Before you buy one for yourself, make sure to do your research and ask yourself some important questions:

Do you really need it? How big of a room should it cover? Do I want to be able to use essential oils with it?

Once you have an answer to your questions, you know what you’re looking for and you don’t go buy the first one on a whim only to regret it later when it doesn’t do what you expected.

Coffee tables

These are pretty, add some shape to our otherwise kind of square, bulky furniture, and are easy to move around when we vacuum.

We had actually planned on building a coffee table ourselves at a workshop nearby, but then the pandemic started and almost a year after, we just gave in and bought some.

These are easy to fit into to almost any room and I’m confident that we’ll be keeping them for a long time. Plus, the wooden legs bring in a bit of nature into our home!

Sock-like barefoot shoes

It might be too early to say anything about these but I recently bought these from a company called Skinners that makes these barefoot shoes. They’re a little different to most barefoot shoes in that they almost look like socks.

I’m really looking forward to trying these out as soon as the weather here is better! They’re meant to be used outdoors and you can even wear them in water which I’m curious to try because I like going swimming but don’t want to cut my feet on rocks and seashells.

Bike trailer

We don’t own a car and have absolutely no plans on buying one, at least for years to come. But, if you don’t have a car and no carpool nearby, it could be difficult to shop for groceries if you prefer to do big grocery hauls instead of smaller ones.

We prefer to do our grocery shopping once a week and buy a lot of things that will last us until next time. This is very difficult to do on bike.

In January, we finally made the decision to get a bike trailer and we are SO happy with it. It fits our needs perfectly and wasn’t too expensive. It’s also easy to bike with and if you load it correctly, the extra weight doesn’t bother you.

Peace Lily

Peace Lilies are beautiful to look at and are also known to clean the air well.

I love plants. It makes me happy to take care of them and they can instantly elevate the overall look of a room or an area in such a beautiful way.

I decided to buy a new Peace Lily recently when I came across one in the grocery store. It’s pretty small but I’m looking forward to helping it grow as big as it possibly can!

Wake-up light

A wake-up light for those who find it difficult to get out of bed when it’s so dark.

This is definitely not an essential item in your house but it does add some quality of life.

After doing an (almost) month-long tech-detox in December (and yes, we did give up on the 24th because we just couldn’t do it anymore), we decided to stop using our phones as alarm clocks because we didn’t want the first thing that we look at in the mornings to be our phones.

We all get enough screen time as it is without blinking our eyes open to one in the morning.

So, we decided to get a wake-up light.

A wake-up light is meant to help you wake up in the morning by gradually exposing your body to light to mimic the sun rising.

The one we have starts to light up half an hour before your alarm goes off, so if you set your alarm to 7 am, it will turn on at 6.30 and the light will become stronger until it’s at its maximum at 7 am when you’ll also hear a tune to wake you up.

Daylight lamp

Sweden is dark and people can suffer tremendously from this in the winter months (myself included).

Even here, in the south of Sweden, the sun goes down around 4 pm and rises around 9 am in winter which means that you don’t get a whole lot of light during the day – especially if you’re working full-time and don’t get outside that much during the day.

A daylight lamp gives your body that light and the one we got is this one.

Lumen is a measure of the brightness of a light. The more lumens – the brighter the light.

Daylight has approximately 100.000 lumens, which is a lot of course. The light we have gives around 10.000 lumens but there are some that give even more. Ten thousand lumens is enough though to make you feel a little bit happier during the day.


When we moved to Germany a couple of years ago, we didn’t have anything with us and ended up buying almost everything from IKEA.

There’s nothing wrong with IKEA but there are certain things that I would not recommend you buy because they are neither pretty nor nor good quality and you might just end up being unhappy with them.

We bought bowls and plates in simple white – almost the cheapest we could find – and now, only three years later, the bowls have slowly broken one by one. We started out with six and now we’re down to two.

This turned into a problem as we use bowls a lot and during the time they kept breaking, we always kept our eyes peeled for some nice bowls whenever we went into a second hand store.

Problem was, we didn’t find any that we liked and in the end, we ended up buying eight completely new ones. But, I really like them and definitely don’t regret getting them.

That’s the end of this post but obviously, it will at some point be followed up by another one where I write about the new things I bought that I do regret buying.

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