Review: vegan & organic skincare from MOSSA

I never paid much attention to skincare but then, 2020 happened and I. Was. Hooked.

I went down the Youtube-route that a lot of us tend to go when a newfound interest has captured our attention and went absolute bananas in there.

I lived and breathed skincare for weeks and only paused once in a while to come up for a breath and maybe (big maybe on that one) read the news.

Delving into something whole-heartedly was the only thing I could do for a while because everything else made me depressed.

You know the feeling.

And so while the world was suffering, I decided to go deeper into consumerism.

It is awful. It’s absolutely awful especially since we know how bad the skincare and make-up industries are for the environment (I’ve even written a post about it).

But, I will justify my actions by saying that we should all take care of our skin. It’s our largest organ for crying out loud. Why I didn’t care before this is beyond me.

I take great care to make sure the skincare I use is vegan and cruelty-free and I’ve been lucky enough to find a brand that I really enjoy which is organic too!

It’s the brand MOSSA and I have tried a couple of different products from their line which I review below. More is to come and this post will be updated in the near future.

***Note: I’m not a skincare specialist, just a simple consumer reviewing the brand according to my preferences. Always do your research before buying a product, especially since we all require different things for our skin.***

MOSSA Youth Defence

MOSSA’s Youth Defence night cream.

This is a night cream with Blackberry extract and Omega 3-6. It has a pleasant berry scent and a nice, light texture. Some may find it too light (I’ve seen a couple of Swedish reviews), but for me (I have combination skin) it has worked really well also in winter.

On a few occasions though, I’ve had to apply another layer just because my skin literally soaked it up like a sponge right away, leaving me feeling slightly dry. So, I can see why it sometimes doesn’t offer enough moisture.

Since it’s “Youth Defence”, I suppose it’s meant to reduce signs of aging, like smoothing out fine lines etc. It hasn’t – but then again, what product can actually do that on its own? It’s not a miracle product but it feels nice on my skin and has never given me issues.

Really, that’s all I can ask.

Rating: 4/5

MOSSA Derma+

MOSSA’s Derma+ day cream.

This day cream from MOSSA smells so nice and feels luxurious on the skin.

It has a slightly pink hue which I found rather odd seeing as it’s supposed to combat redness – not exacerbate it. Luckily, it doesn’t show on your face.

I haven’t noticed a decrease in redness but I didn’t expect to either. My skin has always had a reddish tone and been easily “stressed” (especially in winter) and it will take a lot for it to calm down.

All in all, this cream leaves my skin feeling nice and smooth and is a pleasure to apply.

Rating: 4/5

MOSSA Glow Cocktail

MOSSA’s glow cocktail mask.
Also, my boyfriend alerted me to the fact that it actually says sCincare… lol. Just ignore it. If you can.

This is a wash-off mask that you apply to you skin and then let sit for roughly 10 minutes.

Like the other products, it has a pleasant smell but this one also has some shiny particles in there (not microplastics though). It is kind of an odd choice for a wash-off treatment and leads me to believe that they’re just trying to fool me a little. I don’t see the point of the mask being shiny other than that it looks nice when it’s on.

Contrary to other masks I’ve tried, it doesn’t leave your skin feeling taut or dry. Just soft and smooth. I don’t like the taut feeling that a lot of other masks give, so this is definitely a better option for me. Downside though is that I find it a bit difficult to wash off and even after I’ve thoroughly washed my face, I still feel like there’s some residue left.

Since it is a wash-off product, I don’t know how much benefit you’ll be able to see from it. I got it because sometimes, I want to give myself a bit extra care and feel a little fancy, but I don’t know if I’ll get it again once I’ve used it up.

I would maybe rather spend that money on actives that are meant to sit on your skin and penetrate the skin barrier instead.

Rating: 3/5

None of the above products have worked wonders for me but very rarely do you come across miracle-products and for me, it’s a win if my skin doesn’t go mental with break-outs and irritation.

I prefer to “splurge” a bit on active ingredients to target specific issues and as long as the rest feels good, that’s enough for me.

The price is decent too and I will definitely continue buying them.

If you’re into vegan, cruelty-free and organic skincare, I would definitely recommend you try out MOSSA. One thing to be aware of though is of course that they use scent so if you’re sensitive to perfume on your skin, it might not be the best choice after all.

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