7 cheap and easy-to-care-for indoor plants to brighten up your home

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Plants are wonderful little things that bring life to any home. My 43 square meters are full of them, and I just keep getting more and more from the cuttings I have to take from them as they grow bigger.

With that said, I’m failing to keep some of my plants alive at the moment. They were doing great until my partner and I left the apartment for two weeks to go to Germany in the summer. We didn’t have anyone around that could water them while we were gone, so the ones that did not have a self-watering bulb (see below), I decided to put on trays on top of a kitchen towel soaked in water.

Self-watering bulb.

It worked alright and even though some of them looked kind of dehydrated when we returned, I thought that it had worked overall. But wow, was I wrong. Something happened, and now I’m working full-time to revive them.

Luckily, I have plants that are relatively easy to take care of and their health is now definitely back on track. So I thought I would share with you some of my favorite indoor plants that are easy to care for.

All of these plants are pretty enduring, but they do have some specific preferences for how much water and sunlight they want. So if you’re interested in purchasing one of these, you should do some research first to decide which plants work best depending on the conditions in your home. I’m struggling with this sometimes because most of my plants are quite unhappy in the summer since all our windows are facing the south so it gets very warm and sunny. Not everyone’s a fan apparently…

Seven of my favorite indoor plants that are easy to care for

Pilea (bottom left and bottom middle)

The Pilea is one of my favorite plants because it is so nice-looking and it grows at an astonishing rate which makes it really fun to keep in your home. The mother plant will produce a lot of shoots but while these baby-plants are cute, they also drain the mother of energy if they’re in the pot for too long. That’s why you should dig them up and plant them in new pots when they’re around 8-10 centimeters (3-4 inches). I started out with one smaller plant in February and now, seven months later, have six in varying sizes.

Coleus (bottom right and middle)

This is a beautiful plant that comes in so many different variations, but the one thing they all have in common is that they’re colorful! Mine is China Rose and needs a lot of sunlight (not too much though, cause then it’ll burn!) to produce that vibrant purple color. I just topped mine off a little to make it grow a bit more to the sides rather than upward and then put the cutting in a vase which makes for a nice decoration.

Avocado (top middle)

By Avocado, I don’t mean the tree where the fruit grow but the little plant that you can easily grow yourself by sticking an avocado core in a glass. Don’t give up though! It can take a core several weeks to grow roots in a glass. I think this one started to root around four weeks after I started.

Ponytail palm (top right)

This is a nice-looking plant that is very enduring. It can take both heat, sun, wet soil, dry soil. Anything really, although it does feel its best if the soil is a little (look away if you hate the word, otherwise, read on. See this as a trigger-warning) moist. The downside to the Ponytail palm is that it grows very slowly. So if you’re the kind of person who likes seeing fast results, you’d better go for another plant.

Dracaena (middle left)

Looking at this picture, it might look like a super boring plant and to be fair, this is probably the least favorite plant I have at home. But the Dracaena grow fairly quick and they come in different variations and some are very pretty. They can also grow really long, so if you like hanging plants, this would be perfect for that!

Orchid (top left)

Orchids are known for being extremely easy to take care of but I think that they’re SO easy that people actually tend to kill them by over-watering them. I’ve made that mistake myself actually but I learned and now only “shower” them once every other week or so. The one we have now is not even the one in the picture because it looks so miserable that I’m embarrassed to post it on the internet.

Myrsine (middle right)

This is a cute little plant that reminds me of the Mediterranean. I had mine for a long time and it just didn’t grow at all because I thought that you weren’t supposed to water it so much. But the truth is that you actually have to water it quite a bit and since I started doing that, it has increased in size very rapidly. So if you’re looking for a rapidly growing plant, Myrsine is the way to go. The Myrsine can be shaped into a ball if you prefer, but I like mine a little scruffy 🙂

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