Welcome to 43 square meters

Too often, we get paralyzed from fear of doing things wrong or not enough. When it comes to complex, all-encompassing problems like climate change, it might be even more common and in worst case, result in us doing nothing instead of something.

I feel this happening to me, and I see it happening to many people around me. You might be especially vulnerable to this type of fear if you are the kind of person that frequently find yourself comparing your own actions to those of others. I do this. A lot. I read blogs and watch Youtube from content creators that all seem to have cracked the code to living a happy, sustainable, spiritual life.

Why is it then that other people seem to do everything right and it is so hard for me?

It has probably less to do with you and more to do with them and the fact that they don’t always showcase what is going on behind the scenes.

I get it. Influencers are influencers for a reason. They are there to inspire – and they do! They inspire me daily to try to feel better and do better.

But sometimes, you just want the real deal and that’s what I’m hoping to give you with this blog. I have already taken certain steps toward living a more sustainable life, but I am by no means perfect. No one is and I think it’s important that we realize that it’s okay to make mistakes and learn from each other.

With those words I say: Welcome to 43 square meters! This is a space where I intend to share my tips for a sustainable city-life, my journey to live in a more mindful way and my the realities of some aspects of living a sustainable life.

By being honest, I wish to inspire you to make some changes without being paralyzed by fear of failure. Hopefully, this will help you manage your expectations and lead to you creating more long-term, sustainable habits for yourself.

Happy reading!

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